Friday, August 05, 2011

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs...

So why is it we are loaning Trillions of dollars to foreign countries when we have a 14 trillion dollar debt? Maybe I'm being paranoid, but it seems someone is trying to destroy the United States of America from the inside out. I've often wondered how it is that the End of Days could ever happen with the USA standing guard, now I see that we will be a destitute land with no ability to defend anyone, including ourselves. We will be the New Third World country. Anyone that doesn't see the truth of this is a fool with his head buried in the sand. I see all the signs being revealed daily. The weather is completely out of whack, with monster storms, and unbearable heat. The world is shifting to a one world Gov't lead by our President of "Change". Asia, namely China, is the last true Super Power on the planet, with no one capable of stopping them. When their insatiable need for oil is great enough, they WILL go get it from the Middle East! Thus the million strong army of Biblical Prophecy will be fulfilled. The collapse of our economy, which don't fool yourself it's coming, will leave a huge gap in the food production world wide, which will start a global famine. Look up people for your redemption draweth neigh.

Monday, August 01, 2011

so, did you all miss me? it's been a long time since last we spoke. so how have you been? how's the kids, wife, or significant other? I wanted to restart this mother, since fb is getting redundant. how many times can you farm, kill vampires, or put a hit out on a hated rival? i liked the freedom to write what you like and how you like, without the limitation of a digit police! viva le freedom!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Writers Block and Other Things!

I know no one comes here anymore, but I don't write for others. I'm struggling with my novel. More like I'm struggling with what to write. I've had a story that I've molded in mind for over 30 years. Trouble is I'm not sure I want to write it now. It is a good story, I think, but not something I can write and make a living at. Which is what I want to do, be a writer. It's what I loved as a kid, adult, always. I've written poems (some really great ones!) and short stories for recreation and school. But I want to be a novelist. I don't care if I make 6 figures or not, I just want to do something I really love. But I can't decide what to write about. I'm just so afraid to fail and not get what I want most. It sucks trying to start a new career at age 43.

Oh and one more thing. I love my wife more now then ever. We have endured HORRIBLE times together, but we are still in love. Still in lust. Still best friends. Life is good.

Tell someone you love that you do.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Halito! Chim Achukma?

So I know I don't post often, but anyway...........

A couple of sore subjects for me concerning Native Americans:

-Why is it that you can get a college credit in foreign language for studying a Native American language? WTF! I believe we were here first! Isn't every other language being spoken here the foreign language?

-The more I read about Native American history the less I like being an American. The European side of me really screwed the Native American side. Come to think of it, I'm kinda hating myself right now......

-The men at Sandy Creek were deviant MF'ers that deserve the hottest part of hell. How can someone butcher human beings the way they did and sleep? And then parade the scalps and "other prizes" around Denver to cheers! Those people were "surrendered". They were mostly women and children. Who shots children, then leaves them groaning on the ground for days? It was truly a horrible day for American history. Funny...I don't remember them ever telling us in school how we got so much land in the first place. Probably because telling impressionable children that we lied, stole, and murdered for it wouldn't really do the trick. I know we'll tell them that the Indians feed the pilgrims and then politely retired from the best parts of the country to the worst, because they were so nice. Definitely better then we killed 17.7 million of them in less then 400 years, that sounds too icky...............

Know the truth. It really does set you free. And make you hate yourself a little more......

CCB out!

(Representing the Choctaw, Cheyenne, and Cherokee People! Three of the most screwed over people on the planet! That really explains a lot about who I am!)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hello?? Is this thing on?

CCB is all up in the howwwzzze!!!

So let's talk immigration. What the hell is wrong with Americans. Why can't we just look at the facts and form our own opinions? Why do we not see the Media spin going on in TV (Whoopi wore a "Los Suns" jersey people! How much MORE obvious can the Media be?!) Why are we allowing Mexican Nationals to challenge American policy? If you wave a Mexican flag you can not comment on what we do. Here's an idea! If you don't like it......LEAVE! I'm sure Guatamala or Panama would love to have you sneek into their country in the dead of night and steal their money! Has anyone really looked at what Arizona is doing? NO. That would be the rational thing. Instead our Government distracts us with everyone screaming look at Arizona, while they push policies through without ANY regard for public opinion. Because our Government know best how to take care of I mean us.

No one should be able to come here, pop out a baby and claim they can stay with their new "American" baby! No one else in the entire world does that. If we want sooooo bad to enter the world community (Obama!) then why are we not following other "great" countries policy? Hell even Mexico has stricter control of their borders then we do. DO you really think the Mexican President cares that his people come here to work? Of course not. They make money here (tax free) and take it there. Pumping millions into his faltering economy. Hey, Dude? Maybe your #1 export shouldn't be drugs!!

And why does Joy on the "View" get so much face time? She is a VERY unhappy, and vindictive woman. How many times can the National Represenative of the Tea Party say "We are not about race, or social issues. Only fiscal accountability.." yet she says, "What about gays?" "What about abortion?" "What about these people at your rallies carrying signs?" Hey, Joy! What if your friends sent those people into those meetings with those signs to stir up fear? To give the media a "a-ha!" photo op to say, "See! Told you. They are homophobic, racists! See their signs?" Just saying. Everytime a disenting voice is raised, it gets crucified on TV and by the Government as "bad" for America. Know what's really "bad" for America? A government by the people, for the people that stopped being that so long ago no one can even remember when it happened. Much less why we let it. Oh, wait, I remember why now! We stopped watching and caring. Never mind. Forget I said anything..............

CCB, ranting like a beast since 2000!

Tell someone you love that you do!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For You

Of all the things that life has shown me, none has had a more profound impact then the love you have shown me despite my shortcomings. You have always been my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Lesson Learned

I am having a real moment of clarity in my personal life and I would like to share, even at the threat of offending some readers. I have had a most unexpected opportunity (fired for no discernible reason after 5 years of employment) to be home the last 2 months. I have always said that God allows bad things to come into our lives for 2 reasons:

1. He is bragging on us (see:Job!)
2. He wants our attention!

I feel strongly that He wasn't bragging on me. I had spent very little time in fellowship with him over the last few years. Between work (60-70 hrs/wk) and life I hadn't given God much time or thought. Which is stunning when you consider I was, at one time, seriously pursuing my Pastoral license! I was enrolled in an online Bible College and getting after it. But one of my greatest weaknesses, when it comes to me faith, has been trusting God to know the best path and be my strength when I face hardships. I've always tried to figure out my own solutions while ignoring the God that created ALL the universe. But this time I had a sense of peace about the situation. I knew God had a plan. And for whatever reason I trusted fully He would supply my needs.

He has shown Himself to be all He was advertised to be: My Provider, My Comforter, My Rock, My Refuge, and My Healer. God seems to be pounding into my soul that this year will be the year of reconciliation. God is reconciling the lost, He is reconciling broken relationships with family, and reconstructing His peoples understanding of Him. I don't know what path the Lord will lead us down, though I know the path we are on now has been clearly shown to us. But I do know my God is able to guide us through any thing this life may bring our way. And I sincerely hope that any and every one will have the opportunity to really know what I just figured out 26 years after I began my journey with Christ. And though I am sure I will fall on my face, I'm a bit clumsy with my walk, I know now what I did not fully know 2 months ago and that is that God loves me and wants my attention. He has my full attention and trust.

Rejoice in your troubles, for you are not alone!